Kevin Faust

Designer and Photographer

Kevin Faust Design and Photography

Hi, I’m Kevin

Welcome and thanks for stopping by for a visit. For as long as I can remember I have been instinctively drawn to creativity. Whether it was drawing, painting, photography, music, or discovering the world of design, my imagination has always been my focus.

Exploring the world through materials and ideas influenced my quest for knowledge. Throughout my academic and work experience it became apparent to me that my mind enjoyed, and preferred, thinking and processing information in a visual form.

Since 1998, my career has been focused on marketing: including branding, graphic design, advertising & marketing, web development, and photography.

With years of experience and a personalized approach, I am able to provide a range of professional services. On a personal level, I like to keep it casual; professionally, I’m all about giving it my all.


A Little More About Me

“What I enjoy most in my downtime?”

I love spending time in nature. Outdoor activities like fishing on a quiet lake, camping in the wilderness, hiking along scenic trails, or just chilling on a warm beach are things I enjoy most. Nature has a way of keeping me present in the moment and filling me with a sense of ease and contentment. Capturing these feelings with my camera is something I often do, as viewing the photos can reproduce those moments of joy.

Lighthouse park West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park

West Vancouver, BC

Iona Park White Rock

Iona Park Driftwood

White Rock, BC

Railway Bridge Sunrise, West Vacouver

Railway Bridge Sunrise

West Vancouver, BC

Whytecliff Park West Vancouver

Whytecliff Park Sunset

West Vancouver, BC

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“Where will you most likely find me when I’m not working?”

Playing Volleyball

Definitely on the volleyball court. Aside from photography and design, my other big passion in life is volleyball. What’s not to love about playing in sunshine, with your feet in the sand, and then rewarding yourself with a cold beer? An old friend of mine introduced me to the sport many years ago, and I immediately fell in love it.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you to see what we can create – let’s have some fun.

Playing Volleyball