Missing out on Clients


Is your website doing your brand more harm than good? Are you struggling to make sales from your site?

It doesn’t have to be this way. A well designed website can change all that.

Build Your Business

Having a quality website can have a large impact on you business. You can reach a larger audience and let them know how they can find you.

We will work together to create a quality site that complements your company brand and will help you generate sales.

High quality designs that make you and your brand look professional.

Well structured site that make it easier for your clients to use.

Get more clients to see you offers.


Speed's Pub

Speed’s Pub is a friendly neighbourhood pub located right on the Fraser River across from Ladner Harbour Park.

What They Were Looking For: The restaurant was well known in the community, but did not have a website, and were looking to reach a larger number of customers, as well as provide information to their current clientele.

My Role: After a consultation with the owner I set to work building and designing this website from scratch. I provided the look and structure of the fully responsive site, some of the copy, and the majority of the photography.

Think Green Landscaping

Think Green Landscaping has been providing a variety of services to a large customer base since 1993.

What They Were Looking For: They already had a basic website, but were looking for an updated look after they redesigned their logo as well as a responsive design.

My Role: I was responsible for creating a new responsive site that match the new look of their brand.